The Healing Power of Minerals, Gemstones and Crystals

February 06, 2020

The Healing Power of Minerals, Gemstones and Crystals

For centuries, humans have looked to minerals, gemstones, and crystals for energy and healing powers. Even the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks believed that gemstones such as quartz, lapis, turquoise, and emerald had healing benefits and the ability to ward off danger.

There are over 4,000 different types of minerals in the world, and at Gemdelux we offer exquisite jewelry with some of the most famous stones in the world—from mesmerizing and ethereal amethyst to bold and dramatic black onyx.

In this post, we’d like to go over the mental and physical benefits of some of the gemstones we offer here at Gemdelux.

AmethystAmethyst-One of the most stunning semiprecious stones in the world, this vibrant and glistening quartz is known for its abilities to help shed negative emotions and take in positive energy. Amethyst is an excellent companion for those who suffer from anxiety and depression, and are seeking peace and tranquility in their life.

Black OnixBlack Onyx- This bold and powerful crystal is said to help fight off negative emotions and fears. Onyx opens up the chakras and guides feelings of positivity, energy, and strength to the soul. It is believed that onyx can help one deal with anxieties, fears, and behavior that is holding one back from being their true self.

CitrineCitrine- This juicy, bright gemstone represents feelings of happiness and positivity, and may help one fight off negative emotions such as depression, fear or anger. Lovers of citrine believe in its powers to detoxify the body and balance metabolism and circulation.

HowliteHowlite- White marbled and full of light, this mineral is revered for its ability to help soothe the soul and lift anxiety and stress. Lovers of Howlite use it to help with insomnia, patience and dealing with negative people or thoughts.

Lapis azuliLapis Lazuli- For centuries lapis has been revered for its vibrant blue hue representing wisdom and truth. To practitioners of crystal healing, lapis is a connector to enlightenment, helping whoever posses it the ability to understand oneself and to reach spiritual clarity with the universe.

MookaitMookaite- Also known as Australian Jasper, this earth-tone crystal is known for its ability to help balance one’s life and to bring clarity, motivation, and perspective. For centuries, mookaite has been used as a chakra balancer, helping align the chakras and wake confidence and shed fear.

Red GarnetRed Garnet-This semiprecious stone is known as the passion stone, not only for its deep red color but its ability to assist in romance. For those looking for love or wanting to reenergize existing love, garnet is considered a pathway to balance and affection in a partnership.

Rose QuarzRose Quartz- Like red garnet, this soothing pink quartz represents passion. It is used to help aid in acts of love and compassion. It is also considered beneficial in helping one move past emotional baggage, love oneself more, and embrace the partner they’re meant to be with.

White JadeWhite Jade- Due to the striking alabaster color of this gemstone, it’s considered a scepter of light and peace. Practitioners of crystal healing believe white jade helps clear muddled thinking and can possibly assist in joint pain and bladder, kidney and blood sugar problems.